Zeo was in fact headbutting the bottom of Brook’s foot!

Any material in the old publications is considered Canonical unless new material directly contradicts it.. Zeo was in fact headbutting the bottom of Brook’s foot! Genius! Anytime things don’t work out for Zeo, he claims the negative result was what he was aiming for.

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He’s dragged into Replica Handbags the cellar and devoured, leading to a spectacular Stella McCartney Replica bags shower of blood. Tough enough to withstand gunfire, actually. To a lesser extent, Iops are universally treated as being Dumb Muscle incarnate, http://dbesocal.org/sonari-glinton-a-business-correspondent-at-npr-brought-us/ but a Iop that forgoes Strength in favor of Intelligence can be an entirely effective build (particularly after a stat revamp in late 2015 made it just as easy for a Iop to raise Intelligence as it is to raise Strength).

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